Travelogue VENLO – LESBOS 

Since 2014 Seacon has been a proud partner of the Johan Cruyff Foundation. In addition to financial support, we also offer a helping and coordinating hand with exceptional transportation, including the exceptional journey with all components for two tailored Cruyff Courts. One for the local population and one for the refugee camp in Lesbos. The situation in the camp is desperate and there are few amenities. The Cruyff Courts serve as a social connection between refugees and the local population, but also as a mental distraction for the camp's youth.   

Our drivers Werner Bloemen (Greece export planner at Intercontor, a division of Seacon Logistics) and Frans Cremers (owner of CremersCoolcare, Seacon transport partner) both made this two-week journey from Venlo through Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria to Greece, the last section by boat.  

The first container landed safely in Mytilini. For the second container, they travelled to the refugee camp in Moria. A moving experience, primarily because the majority of refugees have been here for 18 months already. The camp is built against a mountain, and a concrete floor has been poured at the top of the mountain where the Cruyff Court will be installed. It is fantastic that the children get a nice Cruyff Court where they can do sports, play games, develop as individuals and more importantly, be children.  


Our employees have their say

On behalf of Seacon Logistics, Werner Bloemen and Frans Cremers recently transported two special Cruyff Courts to Lesbos for the Johan Cruyff Foundation. What inspired them to do it? How did they experience the trip? What was the most lasting memory? Discover more about this incredible journey.

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