Special and heavy transport

From large machine parts and heavy goods to other bulky objects, nothing is too heavy, too high, too long or too wide for Seacon. One of specialities is Special Transport, meaning abnormal loads that cannot fit in a container or truck. No matter how great the challenge of your project, we are happy to help you resolve it.

Intelligent solutions for special transport

Good logistics planning and coordination is indispensable in cases of loads involving exceptional size or weight. Our expertise and experience in the field of out-of-gauge cargo allows us to provide a suitable solution every time, and to supervise the transport for you from start to finish. We ship these goods all over the world. They include everything from complete machines to massive parts that go directly from the supplier to their final destination, where they are assembled or installed on-site. There is no logistical challenge that is too big for us to handle. 

Special transport being unloaded from truck | Seacon Logistics
Special transport is loaded into barge | Seacon Logistics

Unburdening you from A to Z

Seacon is the go-to company to efficiently transport your Special Transport to the desired final destination. We treat every shipment as unique. With our personal, service-oriented approach, we act on your behalf for your suppliers and customers. We know better than anyone how to take the burden off your shoulders and coordinate the transport of your cargo by land, sea, or air. We can also help you draw up the right customs documents and obtain the correct certificates, to make sure your transport is frictionless. We ensure compliance with local laws in the country of destination, in order to ensure safety and smooth transport. You can entrust your out-of-gauge cargo to our safe hands. 

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strong partner network

We work closely with our worldwide network of specialist partners and agents daily to move your out-of-gauge cargo efficiently. We are always ready to go forward where others would call it a day, and customisation, personal service and transparency are top priorities at Seacon. Are you ready to do business? Request a price indication for your specific situation, or contact us to discuss all the options.

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