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Seacon Logistics is your reliable customs specialist for accurate handling of all your customs matters. Our own customs department has specialist knowledge of customs and tax processes and is therefore able to offer customized solutions for your transport. Seacon has an Authorized Economic Operator licence (previously AEO certified). This means that we limit any obstacles in the transport of your goods as much as possible

what exactly do customs do?

Millions of goods are imported, transported and exported in and out of the Netherlands every day. Customs ensures this transport complies with Dutch and European legislation in the fields of health, safety, the economy and the environment (abbreviated as HSEE). This includes the import, export and transport of goods, but also providing the correct documentation and checking whether the goods comply with applicable regulations and tax requirements. 

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Reliable and neutral logistics customs partner 

Thanks to our AEO status, Seacon Logistics meets the strict requirements set by European customs to use simplified customs procedures and we are better facilitated by customs. Examples include fewer physical checks, priority checks or longer bank guarantees. As a reliable partner in the logistics chain, we manage your logistics chain effectively and keep costs as low as possible. In addition, we advise you on laws and regulations, we support businesses that want to establish operations in the Netherlands and we proactively map out how we can improve your goods flows.

validating origin and destination

Our compliance desk validates origin, destination, sender, receiver and checks every party in between. This way, we exclude that someone is on a blacklist or that there are other risks and we fully comply with all customs guidelines of the export control and sanctions legislation of the United Nations, European Union and United States, including (financial) trade restrictions. The compliance desk is therefore an indispensable part of the carefree import, transit or export of goods. 

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storing goods under customs bond

Goods imported into the EU from a country outside the European Union (EU) are called ‘non-Community goods’. These goods must enter ‘free circulation’. This means they must be imported through customs and that VAT, import duties and other charges must be paid. If you do not need these goods immediately, you can store them under customs bond in customs warehouses. In that case, you won’t have to pay the costs until your goods are collected from the depot and delivered to a destination within the EU. If your goods are not destined for an EU country (for example, the United Kingdom after Brexit), these charges do not apply. 

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Customs declarations and documentation

Customs legislation is complex and changes rapidly. The customs specialists of Seacon Logistics offer you expert support and provide you with tailor-made advice. With our extensive knowledge, permits and smart systems, we always find the best solution for the transport of your goods. Curious about how we can take care of customs declaration and preparing and arranging the right documentation for you?

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Fiscal representation

For the fulfilment of the tax obligation in the Netherlands, we act as a tax representative for customers who are established in other Member States. We utilize the VAT reverse charge scheme for this. Looking for a specialist tax representative in the Netherlands to carry out your VAT processes? Seacon Logistics can take care of that. 

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