Value through know-how

Since Seacon was founded, in 1985, by Hai Berden, we have been building our organisation as a major Logistics Chain Director. In 1986, the first multimodal inland terminal in Venlo was developed together with Hutchison Ports, and Seacon Logistics now has more than 700 employees, at various strategic locations throughout Europe. Yet the origin of the family business still continues to be the base of our organisation. And that is our greatest strength.

We are well-known for our entrepreneurial spirit. We are happy with that, because we believe deeply in this way of working. We take steps, make decisions, enter into agreements and stick to them.

Because there is a strong sense of we in our organisation, we tackle the challenges in our organisation together. Together we aim for the best possible service for our customers. By ensuring the various types of expertise in our organisation work together; we make a difference.

Seacon Logistics has a large community and social heart. It has been very involved with its employees, its environment and society as a whole, since its foundation. We believe in the power of connection and with Seacon Blue, we are taking important steps to pursue this goal every day.

Our mission  

Seacon's mission is to be the Logistics Chain Director, with a focus on overseas logistics, forwarding and distribution and supply chain solutions. Warehousing forms a basis that is linked to the other core services.

Seacon Logistics
Seacon Logistics, office

Our vision

To achieve this, we work with professional, well-trained specialists who, with innovative IT technology and efficient processes, are able to offer the best solutions for the regulation and management of our customers' supply chain. Transparent communication, a personal approach and entrepreneurship form the basis of our customers' trust in us.

Why Seacon

Trustworthy partner

Flexible in customisation

Multimodal solutions

Global network

Expertise down to the last detail

Enterprising family business

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