Rail transport to and from Asia

At Seacon Logistics we offer a wide range of global solutions through our intermodal transport options. We are active as a logistics specialist on various continents, including in rail transport from Europe to and from Asia. Forwarding to neighbouring countries such as Japan or South Korea is also possible. Aside from air and sea transport, it is becoming increasingly attractive to import and export containers and general cargo to and from China by freight train. Transport by train is faster than sea freight (shipping time from 16 to 20 days) and cheaper than air freight

New Silk Road between China and Europe

The New Silk Road consists of three main routes and a number of secondary routes. The growth of rail traffic has increased sharply in recent years. The total volume is already more than 12,000 trains and more than 1 million TEUs. In total, the New Silk Road covers a distance of 10,000 to 12,000 kilometres. This route begins and ends in Duisburg, which has the world’s largest inland port and where Europe's largest inland trimodal terminal is being built. 

The movement of goods between China and Europe has grown enormously in recent years, partly due to China's investment in the trade route with the West. More than 60 trains are already running every week. This number is expected to triple across Europe in the coming years. 

Silk Road (China): high-speed rail infrastructure network | Seacon Logistics
Warehouse with packaged products | Seacon Logistics

Transport and storage of your goods

With more than 400 train connections to 100 European destinations, we always find the best connection for your shipments. Our Seacon Logistics office and warehouse (CFS Duisburg) are located at the heart of the Port of Duisburg, which is also very close to the new inland terminal. This makes it easy for us to collaborate with our worldwide network from our hub in Duisburg to distribute your goods door to door within Europe. 

Our warehouse in Duisburg is a customs depot, which means you save on stallage charges and do not have to pay import duties until your product is shipped. Important advantages for you as a customer. 

Learn more about CFS Duisburg

Customs processing made easy

If you transport goods to or from countries outside the European Union, we will support you by preparing the required documentation and obtaining the appropriate transport certificates. Our compliance desk also checks that your goods comply with all the guidelines and sanctions legislation. That means your shipment will reach its destination with the right papers and without incurring unnecessary charges. 

Customs support | Contract signing at the desk | Seacon Logistics

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Chinese train station in the evening at sunset | Seacon Logistics

Coordination with full service

We take care of everything for our customers with the customised solutions you expect from us. In addition to fully coordinating and organising your rail transport, we also take care of: 

  • Collecting shipments from your warehouse
  • Storing containers for export
  • Unloading containers for import
  • Picking, storing and distributing shipments
  • Customs clearance for import and export

Advantages of rail transport

Seacon Logistics offers customised solutions between destinations in Asia and Europe. Rail transport is the ideal solution if you want to transport bulk goods and general cargo more quickly than by sea and more economically than by air. Our working method provides a range of advantages:

  • Punctual transit times of approximately 16-20 days
  • Direct connection to Asia from Duisburg
  • High efficiency
  • Lower CO2 emissions by pooling volumes
  • Options for FCL and LCL
  • Warehouse, VAL and pick, pack, ship activities
  • Settlement of customs issues
  • Combinable with other transport solutions
Rail freight transport network | Seacon Logistics

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