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Seacon Logistics is the Logistics Chain Director for coordinating and optimising your logistics supply chain. Whatever the logistics issue, we will be happy to solve it for you. From our strategic inland locations, at home and abroad, we efficiently manage your goods flows in cooperation with a worldwide network of dedicated partners. Flexibility and the creation of tailor-made smart solutions are our driving forces. At Seacon, we believe it is essential that we thoroughly understand the product, market and strategy of each of our customers. As far as we are concerned, a personal approach and proactive involvement is therefore the basis of every cooperation.

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To guarantee that your logistics chain runs as optimally as possible, transparency and insight into the processes are required. This applies from the production location, up to and including the final destination as well as all the possible links in between. That is why we are open to communication with our customers and the exchange of relevant information. The more insight we have into the entire supply chain and your organisation’s logistics processes, the more possibilities we have for achieving predetermined KPIs and improving performance.


Our focus is always on optimising your logistics chain. Seacon Logistics’ expert, well-trained engineers provide a proactive insight into possible improvements for each link in your supply chain. Seacon is known for its entrepreneurial spirit and, in your logistics chain, we leave nothing to chance. The combination of our expertise, intelligent data and innovative technology enables us to maximally optimise your supply chain. Every single day. 

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