Transport Africa – Always an appropriate solution  

Seacon Logistics is the go-to logistics chain director for the transport of your goods to and from Africa. From our sites at strategic inland terminals and airports, we can reach the entire continent of Africa by sea freight and air freight. We rely on our specialist knowledge and our worldwide network to find appropriate solutions for your logistics needs in every situation, and we accompany your freight transport from the moment of ordering to your customer's door. 

Transport options Africa  

At Seacon, we always look at every available option, so that we can provide you with the very best services on a daily basis. We treat every shipment as unique. Depending on your wishes, we can advise you on the options available for transporting your goods by water, air, road or an intermodal solution. We also proactively share our thoughts with you on how we can reduce costs structurally in the supply chain, because we like to offer you that little bit extra. 

Ocean freight Africa | Seacon Logistics

Sea freight africa (deep sea shipping) 

Seacon has a maritime background. Organising sea freight is the backbone of our services. We use seaports and central locations to collect goods and deliver them door-to-door as agreed anywhere in the world. We work together our extensive network of agents and partners to transport your goods to virtually all deep water ports, including Alexandria, Cape Town, Durban, Casablanca and Mombasa. 

air freight Africa 

From our office at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, we organise air freight to every corner of the world, including major airports in the African cities of Johannesburg, Lagos, Nairobi, Kampala, Cairo, Khartoum and Dar es Salaam. In addition to coordinating air freight, we also provide tax and customs facilities, security screenings, certified and labelled packaging, and packaging and certification of dangerous goods. 

Road freight africa 

We work in tandem with our extensive network of partners to make sure your goods arrive safely at their destination via a reliable transport service. Our drivers are your guarantee for the best quality service. They are familiar with local languages, culture, customs and regulations, so they can cross borders smoothly. With multiple daily departures, our road freight services offer you the ultimate in flexibility.

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