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As a company, we have become successful through the engagement of people in our environment, which is why we want to give something back to our society as a partner. On our Seacon Blue page, we share stories of some of our great partnerships. We spoke to: Marloes Mulder, Sr. Fundraising & Partnerships Manager at Johan Cruyff Foundation and Rico Gielen, Sales & Marketing Manager at Seacon Logistics.

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“Both Seacon and the Johan Cruyff Foundation have similar DNA, which makes us a good match!"

Marloes Mulder Sr. Manager Fondsenwerving


“The Johan Cruyff Foundation supports and develops sports activities for children all over the world,” Marloes begins her story. "With Cruyff Courts in more than twenty different countries, Schoolyards14 and sports projects for children with disabilities, we give children space where they can develop, learn to make friends, improve their physical and mental health, and above all get the best out of themselves. Since 2016, unfortunately we’ve had to do this without Johan Cruyff, but his vision remains the basis for our activities.”

“It is important to us that we involve our target group in all projects so it becomes something that is really theirs. With the Cruyff Courts, for example, children and young people from the neighbourhood are involved and trained so they can organise tournaments and events themselves. With Schoolyards14, children can develop their ideal schoolyard. We also work a lot with sports partners and associations in the field of disabled sports. An example is the International Tennis Federation, who we work with to make wheelchair tennis accessible for young people with disabilities in developing countries. We also support seven different sports associations with a focus on making sport accessible for disabled children, talent recognition and talent development. Together with them, we’re constantly looking at how to make sure as many children with disabilities as possible come into contact with sport and have the opportunity to develop within it. This has already resulted in a serious number of Paralympic athletes going to the Paralympic Games through these programs! We wouldn’t be able to set up all these projects and events without the support of our fantastic partners. Seacon Logistics is a very important partner for us.” 

“Seacon has been a partner of the Cruyff Foundation since September 2014. Two years earlier, in 2012, Seacon made the first Cruyff Court in Asia possible, the Keisuke Honda Cruyff Court in Kanazawa, Japan. It is named after the successful former top player for VVV-Venlo,” Marloes explains. Rico adds: “Japan is one of our specialty markets. The court was created out of our bond with Japan and Honda’s farewell from VVV. In 2020, a special Cruyff Court was opened in Tokyo for children with disabilities. The official opening has yet to happen because the Paralympic Games were not held, but the field is already in use. It’s great that we can do something for these children this way.”

“Seacon is a large international company based in the Netherlands,” Marloes continues. “So is the Johan Cruyff Foundation. Besides, both organisations have similar DNA, which makes us a good match. We also look at how we can draw on Seacon’s core business in the work we do. For example, in 2014 we had a unique opportunity to build a temporary Cruyff Court on the steps of the United Nations because the Netherlands was in the running for a seat on the Security Council. This action was quite a logistical operation, and Seacon helped us to get everything there on time. Another special project is being planned for the near future that Seacon will also support us with. We’ll be building two adapted Cruyff Courts in the refugee camp in Lesbos and one on Samos. There’s a huge need for activities for children there. We’ll be following this process and recording it in pictures. It’s great that we complement and strengthen each other this way. That is a great foundation for our partnership.” 



As a logistics chain director, we have plenty of logistics adventures. So, come along on a journey to Greece where we can offer you a unique look behind the scenes. Commissioned by our Seacon Blue partner, the Johan Cruyff Foundation, we coordinated and provided transport for the parts required to build two Cruyff Court football pitches. One for the refugee camp on the island of Lesbos and the other for the local residents. An exceptional journey that certainly deserves some attention. Are you joining us?    

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