Intermodal transport

We increasingly rely on intermodal solutions to transport goods efficiently and sustainably. This means multiple types of transport are used to transport a single cargo, according to the prevailing circumstances and your specific preferences. This could be a combination of road freight, short sea shipping and rail transport, for example. The cargo is transported by different types of transport in this case, but the transport unit remains the same (e.g. a container). We can organise your logistics chain optimally by deploying intermodal solutions, and reduce costs by measures such as combining shipments smartly and coordinating the means of transport.

What exactly is intermodal transport? 

Intermodal transport is a form of multimodal transport. Intermodal transport focuses on a single route which combines different modes of transport. 

In this case, the transport unit, such as a container or pallet, is transferred in its entirety from one means of transport to another. The long distances are often bridged by rail transport, short sea shipping or sea freight, and road freight used for the short distances (pre and post long-distance transport). 

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Reducing the environmental burden 

Ever since our foundation, Seacon Logistics has always considered corporate social responsibility to be very important, so we continuously invest in developing better, cleaner, faster and more reliable logistics technology. In view of delays due to increasing traffic on the roads and the rising costs of fuel and taxes, we believe the future lies in intermodal transport solutions. We can relieve the burden on the environment and limit CO2 emissions by transporting goods via short sea shipping, sea freight and rail freight, and only using road freight over short distances (such as to and from inland terminals, ports or railway stations).

always a solution adapted to your needs

Intermodal transport works best if all those involved in the chain are in constant contact with each other. As the go-to logistics chain director, we work closely with a worldwide network of dedicated partners to efficiently manage your flow of goods, so that you do not have to worry about which transport modes are used at any particular moment. We also proactively share our thoughts with you on how we can reduce costs structurally in the supply chain. At Seacon we always like to go the extra mile for our customers. If you would like to find out more about how we can improve your logistics chain, contact us via the contact form below. 

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Advantages  of intermodal transport

Some of the advantages of intermodal transport:

  • An efficient, flexible and transparent logistics chain.
  • Reliable and safe.
  • Lower costs.
  • Options for loading heavier cargo.
  • More sustainable transport, and fewer CO2 emissions. 

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