Seacon Logistics Group BV believes it is very important to handle your personal data carefully. That is why we want to give you clear and transparent information in this privacy policy about how Seacon Logistics Group BV processes personal data of its stakeholders, including business relations and visitors to our website. Obviously, these personal details are treated and protected with the greatest possible care. In this respect, Seacon Logistics Group BV complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the law implementing the GDPR in the Netherlands.

This means that Seacon Logistics Group BV:

  • clearly states, via this privacy policy, for which purposes we process personal data;
  • only collects personal data which is necessary for these purposes;
  • processes your personal data to carry out our primary business processes, and asks your consent in cases where this consent is required;
  • takes appropriate security measures to protect your personal data, and demands the same of parties that process personal data on our behalf;
  • respects your rights to provide, correct or erase your personal data on request. The controller is Seacon Logistics Group BV, PO Box 3071, 5902 RB Venlo (NL).
  • The private policy also applies to its subsidiaries Seacon Logistics BV, SGD BV, Seacon Logistics GmbH, ICT GmbH, and Intercontor BV.

the data we collect

We collect the following information from you as a visitor to this website:

  • Your IP address
  • Which pages you visit and the duration of your visit
  • Which browser (version) you are using
  • Which device you are using to visit the website (e.g. mobile or desktop)


Seacon Logistics Group BV collects and processes your personal data for various purposes. In the context of our services, Seacon Logistics Group BV collects and processes contact details, including names, positions, address data, business interests, professional interests, company landline- and mobile numbers and company e-mail addresses:

  • If you purchase products or services from Seacon Logistics Group BV. This can be done through our logistics department, sales department, website or personal contact with a representative of our companies;
  • If you are in contact with Seacon Logistics Group BV. This can mean contact by phone, or if you send us an e-mail, fill in one of our web forms, use the chat function or message services, participate in surveys or research, register for information meetings, use our websites, log in to your account and our account, sign up for newsletters, or get in touch with us via social media;
  • For internal analyses to improve processes, develop products and services, and market research;
  • To keep business relations and our employees informed about new or existing products and services, either directly or through actions such as social media campaigns, where Seacon Logistics Group BV tries to take preferences into account based on purchased products or services, and interests based on the use, verified with your consent, of our websites, business logistics- and sales platforms.


Your e-mail address is also used for sending information about Seacon Logistics Group BV’s new and existing products and services if you have given your consent. You can always withdraw your consent by sending an e-mail to Seacon Logistics Group BV, with subject title GDPR, at


We treat your data confidentially, and do not publish it.


We will only share your data with third parties if this is necessary to implement a product or service agreed with you or with your company. To protect your rights, we have established a processing agreement with these third parties (partners). Our website contains measuring tools from other parties, such as Google Analytics cookies. The data is automatically shared with Google to monitor how visitors use our website. We use this information to optimise our website for our visitors.

We use Google Analytics cookies, and have established an processing agreement with Google. The last octet of the IP address is masked. Data is not shared, and we do not use other Google services in combination with Google Analytics cookies.

We also use cookies from DATA-collectief Groep BV. We have also concluded a processing agreement with this party. These cookies are used to track sessions (these cookies expire after 30 minutes) and to recognise returning visitors (these cookies expire after 13 months). 

We also use Mautic software and Mautic cookies to find out how visitors use the website, so that we can improve the information we provide on the website or through marketing campaigns. Visitors who choose not to use a website form or email link remain anonymous. Your Mautic profile is unique to Season Logistics Group BV. To ensure your privacy, it is never shared with third parties and is only available to you and Seacon Logistics Group BV.


Seacon Logistics Group BV has taken technical and organisational security measures to prevent unauthorised persons accessing your personal data. These procedures guarantee an appropriate level of security considering the types of processing and the nature of the personal data to be protected.


Seacon Logistics Group BV reserves the right to make changes to its privacy policy and cookie policy. We advise you to regularly check this page to see whether changes have been made. If Seacon Logistics Group BV makes a notable change that affects the way Seacon Logistics Group BV processes your personal data, we will announce this change on our website(s), or in an e-mail.


If you have questions or comments about our privacy policy after reading it, or you want to exercise your right to view, correct or erase your personal data, please contact: Seacon Logistics Group BV, PO Box 3071, 5902 RB Venlo (NL) or e-mail:

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