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Customs legislation is complex and changes constantly. When you do the customs declaration yourself, you are also responsible and that entails risks if you are not familiar with the current regulations. That is why Seacon Logistics offers expert support and tailor-made solutions. Our own customs department completely relieves you of the burden of customs declaration and guarantees you the right expertise. We file your declaration in the context of direct representation. You remain ultimately responsible and liable for the contents of the declaration.


Do you import goods from countries outside the European Union? We offer full support for paying the taxes and import duties owed to customs in the Netherlands. Other formalities are also in good hands with Seacon, such as submitting documents and making goods available for inspections.

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Do you export goods to countries outside the European Union? We help you in draw up the correct customs documentation and obtaining all the necessary certificates. We ensure that transport is as efficient as possible and that no unnecessary import duties or taxes are paid.


Do you transport goods within the European Union? We provide the correct transit documents, so your goods arrive quickly at their destination. These include T1 and T2 documents, which are required for the rapid handling of goods under customs bond within the EU.

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documentation for customs declaration 

Seacon Logistics is involved in issuing the following documents for customs declarations. For many of these documents, the Chamber of Commerce (KvK) and the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) are involved in issuing documentation. We work closely with them for the correct transport of goods. 

  • T1 document

A T1 document applies if goods not (yet) cleared - which are produced outside the EU and which are physically located within the EU (in a customs warehouse) - have to be transported to another warehouse. 

  • T2 document 

A T2 document is needed for inter-Community transport of goods. This transit document is used for shipments within the EU to or through so-called EFTA countries (Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein and the United Kingdom). 

  • EUR.1 certificate

Various free trade agreements are active within the EU. This usually results in a discount or exemption from import duties on the reciprocal import of originating products. We provide a EUR.1 certificate as proof.

  • Certificate of Origin (CoO)

This certificate indicates the origin of a product. Some countries want to see this document on account of certain measures or restrictions. On the basis of a CoO, the country decides whether or not a product may be imported. 

  • ATR certificate

An ATR certificate is a customs document that is used for trade between countries from the EU and Turkey. It documents the origin of goods. If they originate from the EU or Turkey, you can import most goods without import duties. 

  • Phytosanitary certificate

The phytosanitary certificate is used as a declaration for the export of plants and/or plant products to the importing country. This shows that the products are healthy and safe. 

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Thanks to our AEO status, Seacon Logistics meets the strict requirements set by European customs to use simplified customs procedures and we are better facilitated by customs. Examples include fewer physical checks, priority checks or longer bank guarantees. As a reliable partner, we manage your logistics chain effectively and keep costs as low as possible. In addition, we advise you on laws and regulations, we support businesses that want to establish operations in the Netherlands and we proactively map out how we can improve your goods flows.

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Fiscal representation 

For the fulfilment of the tax obligation in the Netherlands, we act as a tax representative for customers who are established in other Member States. We utilize the VAT reverse charge scheme for this. Looking for a specialist tax representative in the Netherlands to carry out your VAT processes? Seacon Logistics can take care of that. 

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Seacon can help you with

customs duties

  • Import duties
  • Sales tax

export documentation, certifications and permits

  • EUR.1
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Statement of Origin

supply Chain management

  • Mapping goods flows
  • Bottleneck analysis
  • Buffer stocks in-house or outsourcing
  • Portbase pre-notification

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