Building together on Seacon’s success

Whether you bring a lot of work experience or fresh enthusiasm, when you work at Seacon, you are working on Seacon. You contribute to the success of our company through real entrepreneurship and by taking ownership.

Freedom to develop yourself
We do not have our own transport equipment, but we coordinate the entire logistics chain for our customers from beginning to end. That makes our employees our most important asset. Therefore our employees’ well-being is a top priority. For example, every employee gets the freedom to develop professionally and personally, but we also pay attention at a personal level.  

HR makes an important contribution to our professionalisation as an organisation as well as the development of our employees. This includes support and proactively advise the board and management about people & organisation related policies and legislation, think along about organisational strategy, and support the organisation in attracting, bonding and retaining employees. We are really growing the organization and I am proud that I can contribute to that.

The power of connection
Two central themes for us in the past year and a half have been the coronavirus pandemic and the tight labour market. We are proud of our Warehouse staff who, in spite of the coronavirus measures and circumstances, were able to continue providing our customers with the best possible service. For our office workers, working from home suddenly became the new norm. That took some time for everyone to get used to that At Seacon, we strongly believe in the power of connection. Not only in terms of logistics, but certainly also with our employees.

During the pandemic, this has proved to be more important than ever. After all, how do you keep your employees engaged and enthusiastic if we suddenly all have to work remotely? It is important to us that our employees still enjoy their work. To maintain the bond at a personal level, we shared a lot of news and developments on our internal communication app and organised fun activities. Examples included digital bingo, a digital pub quiz and a number of drive-through handouts.

Times to connect digitally
In addition to work in different shifts and exchanging our office to our desk at home, we have also exchanged our cup of coffee with the customer or job applicant for times to connect digitally. We don’t drive to Germany for short meetings anymore either and we meet more efficiently. This is definitely what we have learned from this period, we will  continue to have more digital meetings in the future.

We’ve also noticed that the labour market is getting tighter, which makes it more important than ever to attract the right employees, and certainly also to retain them. There is a lot of attention for people, there is great social engagement, and there are also opportunities for socialising outside of work.


22 November 2021

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