What is it like to work in an international company?

Seacon Logistics is a true family business. A lot is done for employees, both in terms of connection and development. Being born and bred in Venlo, I’ve known Seacon as the main sponsor of VVV-Venlo since I was a child. I thought I’d be able to learn a lot in an international environment like this, which is why I contacted Seacon Logistics directly from my work placement in Barcelona a few years ago. After this positive contact, I was immediately enthusiastic about my graduation work placement for my ‘Logistics Management’ programme. In the end, I was hired by Seacon as a Warehouse Administrator. 

Contributing to the logistical process
Early in my graduation work placement, I was asked to participate in the logistics process in the Warehouse department. I seized that challenge with both hands. Doing 40 hours of research would not have made me happy. It also gave me the opportunity to do something extra and to learn something new, including calculating prices for customers. This gave me a fairly prominent role in the department and I felt I was taken seriously and seen as a colleague, which made my work placement much more interesting. Participating in the process also makes it easier to defend your research. That makes it a win-win situation. 

Growth opportunities
After my work placement, I was offered a job at another company in Barcelona and at Seacon in Venlo. The choice was easy: at Seacon, I click well with my colleagues, I get more opportunities, and the work is more fun. I enjoy going to work every day. My supervisor at the time left a few months after I joined, which gave me the opportunity to take over some of his VAS coordinator duties. 

Seacon offers its staff many opportunities to progress, from training courses to multi-year programmes. After having worked as a Warehouse Administrator for a year and a half, I started on a training course at Seacon myself. I’m quite ambitious and I think it’s great to have the chance to grow within the organisation together with other ‘young potentials’. 

17 September 2021

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