Good employee experience at Seacon Logistics

A good employee experience is very important to Seacon Logistics. Although I work in an international company and have 700+ colleagues, Seacon is strongly engaged with its staff. Camaraderie is high and the lines of communication are short. There is good reason I did work placements here twice and ultimately went to work as an Account Specialist in the Control Tower. 

Giving space
After the great experience I had during my first work placement, which mostly involved basic tasks, I came back for a second time to do my graduation work placement at the Control Tower. The second time, I was given the opportunity to take on additional operational tasks. Among other things, I was able to work in the area of carrier management and clients’ logistical requirements. Now I can apply everything I learned there in my current job. That was a deciding factor when I chose to stay at Seacon Logistics. By now, I’ve been enjoying working as an Account Specialist at the Control Tower for over three years. 

Growing within the company
As someone starting out on the labour market and as a Seacon employee, it’s an advantage that you can follow training and education. I like working with customers and problem-solving, and now I can keep developing in this. I have a colleague guiding me in this; he’s been working there a few years longer and had taken the same path. He also started at the Control Tower after his work placement at Seacon. The aim is to support him in his work and to keep growing in this role so I can take on these things in the future. 

Large-scale but still personal
Seacon takes good care of its staff. Whether you’re a trainee or have been working there for years, every member of staff is celebrated regularly. For instance, we received a Christmas package, confetti when a new contract is signed, a gift voucher for our birthdays and we even got a tabletop barbecue with a homemade recipe book to celebrate Seacon’s 35th anniversary. The little things make the difference. It’s a big company, but there’s always a personal touch. I really appreciate that and I get boost from it. I hope to work here for a long time to come. 

10 September 2021

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