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As a company, we have become successful through the engagement of people in our environment, which is why we want to give something back to our society. On our Seacon Blue page, we share stories of some of our great partnerships. We spoke to: Günther Peeters (Managing Director at FC Eindhoven), Frank Hermans (Chief Sales Officer at Seacon Logistics), Rico Gielen (Marketing Manager at Seacon Logistics).

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“Seacon Logistics is a valuable partner for us. Not only are they knowledgeable about the logistics chain, but also about making social connections nationally and internationally.”

Günther Peeters Managing Director


“At FC Eindhoven, it is important to us to make recreational and competitive football possible for everyone,” Günther begins. “We aim to be a leading and ambitious association where learning, development and fun come first. Corporate social responsibility is one of our priorities. We work on this actively, including with football for the little ones, community reintegration projects, activities for the disabled and Walking Football and Football Memories for senior citizens. Football has the power to unite people and get them moving. We are happy to put this to use for a strong society and a close-knit association. The small scale of our club and the strong social engagement is what makes us special.”

“This engagement, an active business club, and the typical Brabant hospitality make us feel at home at FC Eindhoven,” Frank adds. “We first made contact in 2010. We discussed our wants and needs, and a short time later we became a Premium Partner. I think we’re such a good match because we have many similarities, such as the strong sense of social engagement i, the personal connection, and building lasting relationships. We also like the relaxed atmosphere and open character of the club. In the past year, we’ve worked with FC Eindhoven to look at how we can strengthen each other even more. There is a lot of promise in the future of our partnership.” 

“With our business club, we offer our members a platform to do business and network with each other in a relaxed atmosphere, of course with a dash of the hospitality that typifies Brabant,” Günther continues. “Our focus is on bringing companies together. We do this at home matches and also at networking events like gala evenings, football trips and away days. Together, we build our community and strengthen each other. Seacon Logistics is a valuable partner for us. Not only are they knowledgeable about the logistics chain, but also about making social connections nationally and internationally. We want to learn from Seacon’s experience, for example with Seacon Blue and their active involvement in the VVV Foundation and the Johan Cruyff Foundation.”

“This will allow us to draw on each other’s knowledge and network. It’s a win-win situation,” says Rico. “With the tailor-made hospitality package, we can take advantage of many opportunities such as sponsoring a match ball, activation matches or organising a business event together. It is important to us to invest in our relationships and to build lasting connections. We look for partners we can enter into long-term commitments with. That fits well with our organisation and how we look at the world.”  Günther adds: “That also applies to us. In recent years, we’ve built up a great partnership with Seacon. You can tell in the way we cooperate that corporate social responsibility makes it stronger. I’m curious to see what the future will bring!”

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