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At Seacon Logistics, we are very happy with our customers. And that is why we like to share stories about some of our really nice collaborations. A word from Per Blomqvist, Global Freight Mgr. for Rock Tools at Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology. 

Sandvik is a leading global supplier of equipment, tools, service and technical solutions in mining and quarrying. In addition to that, the company supplies tools and techniques for industrial metal cutting and specializes in advanced stainless steel and special alloys as well as products for industrial heating installations. The company was founded in 1862 in Sandviken, Sweden, and in 2020 it is active in 130 countries worldwide and has more than 40,000 employees. 

To ensure good provision of its goods in the European market, Sandvik established a warehouse in Venlo in 2004, which it chose for its strategic location and multimodal options. Sandvik currently has three warehouses In the Netherlands, in Venlo, Eindhoven and Schiedam.


‘Seacon is not only our partner in several of our logistics chains, but also our problem solver.’

Per Blomqvist Global Freight Mgr. for Rock Tools


Per begins his story ‘We came into contact with Seacon Logistics during the construction of our warehouse in Venlo. At the time, we were looking for a permanent partner who could handle the entire logistics process to Eastern Europe and Turkey. We have been working together since 2004, and this collaboration has intensified over the years. Various other European branches are also working with Seacon. At Sandvik we like to invest in a partner that we can rely on and trust. That fits our corporate philosophy, and I also believe that, as a company, you benefit from this in the long term.’ 

‘Nowadays, Seacon directs our daily European distribution from the warehouses in Venlo and Eindhoven. Every now and then they also transport large shipments from the warehouse in Schiedam,’ Per continues. ‘Seacon is not only our partner in several of our logistics chains, but also our problem solver. They have also been distributing a small flow of goods from India for two years now. We could no longer distribute directly from our Indian factory to Russia due to embargoes. Seacon helped us set up a new route, to ensure that the goods go to the correct final destination every week. It's great that they can support us in this.'

‘Sandvik also uses Seacon's customs services. They support us in drawing up the correct documentation and obtaining the necessary certificates for European exports. They also relieve us of the burden regarding Incoterms and warehouse services. Seacon collects shipments from Sandvik's warehouse twice a week, and then Seacon's Control Tower takes care of the ongoing planning, required documents and distribution within Europe.’ 

‘We both find personal contact very important,’ continues Per. ‘In addition to contact via email and telephone, we therefore meet at least twice a year in Venlo or Sweden. Thanks to our long-standing relationship, we know precisely where we stand with each other. Our collaboration is like an open book. Seacon's level of involvement is also a big plus. One good example is the fact that our contact person even flew to Istanbul at the beginning of the collaboration to solve problems there right away. That says something about Seacon's involvement and its commitment to finding solutions. I could go on for ages telling great stories about our collaboration, and that is a sign to me that it is successful and appreciated from both sides.’

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