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At Seacon Logistics, we are very happy with our clients, which is why we're keen to share stories of great collaborations. We spoke to: Jac Wanten, Sr. Vice President Logistics & Warehousing at PVH Europe. 

When PVH was founded in 1881, its core business was altering and selling shirts for miners in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. Today, the company has become one of the largest clothing companies in the world, with over 30,000 employees around the globe. 

PVH Europe operates from premises in Venlo and Roosendaal. Every day, products from PVH’s most important fashion brands, such as Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein, are distributed from these central points to retail outlets and their own shops in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. 

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“What’s nice about Seacon are the short lines of communication, great flexibility, and their mentality aimed at finding solutions. They always try to find the best and most efficient solution for both parties.”

Jac Wanten Sr. Vice President Logistics & Warehousing


“We’ve been working with Seacon Logistics since 2014,” begins Jac. “Our partnership arose from the need for a flexible solution to handle seasonal peaks of containers arriving. Seacon’s sister company CTV has taken care of transporting these containers from the terminals in Venlo to PVH’s various warehouses for many years. We’d already rented warehouse space a few years earlier, so we already knew each other well. We think it’s important to find local partnerships for the services we purchase, because we employ about 1,800 people, mostly from Venlo and the surrounding area. For this reason, Seacon is one of our fixed partners.” 

“A major part of our clothing comes in through the port of Rotterdam. The containers are transported from the port to Venlo by rail. There, some of them are unloaded and stored at Seacon, and delivered when requested. The rest of the containers go directly to one of PVH Europe’s warehouses. The containers stored in Seacon’s warehouse are usually full of goods that have arrived early and need to be buffered. At the end of the clothing season, some products and goods remain unsold and have to be returned. This clothing is sold to specially selected customers who are permitted to sell these goods in selected countries later. Because of this, they are stored on pallets for several months. In the meantime, we make arrangements with the customers who buy up these lots.”

“After eight years of intensive cooperation, we understand each other very well and only need a few words to make things clear,” says Jac. “The Operation Managers from Seacon and PVH attend a meeting every Thursday, where they discuss the process and examine how the operation can be optimised further. For example, a large stock count was recently performed by about twenty people. They counted everything in storage during the supply season, literally taking every single garment out of its box and scanning it. We’ve also implemented our SAP system, which enables us to work together even more efficiently. What’s nice about Seacon are the short lines of communication, great flexibility, and their mentality aimed at finding solutions. They always try to find the best and most efficient solution for both parties.” 

“PVH Venlo is one of the top 10 customers for warehousing. Any partnership is a process, and we’d like to expand it further. That’s why we are looking at how we can make each other even stronger in the future. A positive development is that Seacon is expanding its Warehousing further in the near future, which will make us near neighbours. That’s ideal for us, because we’ll be even closer.”   

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