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At Seacon Logistics, we are very happy with our clients, which is why we're keen to share stories of great collaborations. We spoke to: Balázs Fehér, GDC Manager at Oriflame Hungary. 

The Swedish company Oriflame was started in 1967 by the brothers Jonas and Robert af Jochnick and their friend Bengt Hellsten. With the idea that you can get the best out of yourself when you look good and feel good, they created a unique range of skin creams, lipstick and mascara based on Swedish herbs and plants. These products were completely free of products tested on animals, a revolutionary concept at the time. 

Over the course of more than 50 years, Oriflame has grown to become a globally recognised brand. The company offers beauty enthusiasts the opportunity to celebrate their personal attractiveness and make their dreams come true. Oriflame currently operates in more than 60 countries with more than 3 million independent consultants who share, advise and sell its range through direct selling. 

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“We regard the long duration of our relationship as proof of our positive and successful collaboration”

Balázs Fehér GDC Manager


"The Oriflame distribution centre in Hungary opened in 2011. Since then, Seacon Logistics has been our regular logistics partner in Üllő," says Balázs. "Our partnership has grown in leaps and bounds in recent years. As our in-house supplier, they serve Central Europe (Czech, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania), Balkan countries, Bulgaria and South-Eastern Greece. Seacon is mainly responsible for receiving and inspecting deliveries (including ADR goods), storage and management, multiple daily deliveries of stocks from the warehouse to our order fulfilment system, assembling composite product kits, and sending outgoing orders."

"We handle the order fulfilment process ourselves, which requires close cooperation, mutual trust, and a structured approach. We make sure this happens in practice by holding daily meetings, setting clear KPI targets, and preparing daily and weekly reports. In addition, our Warehouse Management System is linked to the Seacon system so all data is synchronised and updated continuously. Seacon is proactively looking at whether even more structure can be brought into the operation, and costs reduced. All in all, this has been highly successful, and every KPI target has been achieved in recent years."


"A characteristic of Oriflame's work is that every day is different," Balázs continues. "Our operations rely on the sales of our global Oriflame consultants, so one day we might process 6,000 orders, and 30,000 the next. That means the workload fluctuates considerably, which in turn demands a high level of flexibility from our partner. Seacon is extremely good in this respect, which inspires confidence. We like to use Seacon's expertise for our day-to-day operations. Even with the issues currently facing the global logistics sector, Seacon knows how to organise our operations every day in a way that allows us to maximise efficiency."

"Our partnership is a fine example of how the parties involved can get a process running smoothly. We regard the long duration of our relationship as proof of our positive and successful collaboration. Our intensive collaboration is based on mutual respect and trust. There is a lot of synergy between us now, so we know exactly how we can help and strengthen each other. That’s how we’d like to continue for a long time to come."    


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