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As a company, we have become successful through the engagement of people in our environment, which is why we want to give something back to our society. On our Seacon Blue page, we share stories of some of our great partnerships. We spoke to: Frank Berden (Chairman at HBSV), Jordy Goertz (Chairman at PR committee HBSV), Gé Coenen (Strategic Director Overseas at Seacon Logistics) and Anita Keunen (Sales and Marketing Assistant at Seacon Logistics).

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“Fortunately, the social involvement we strive for is very high, which makes HBSV a close-knit association.”

Frank Berden Chairman HBSV


“The Hout-Blerickse Sports Association was founded in 1938 as a football club”, Jordy explains. “In 1946, the korfball club was added. We have always been the largest association within the Hout-Blerick community. We currently have over 700 members. Over the years, HBSV has grown into a real omnisports association (a sports association where different sports are practised). Members can play outdoor football, korfball and boot camp. We’re currently building two padel courts and we’re investigating whether the local gymnastics association can merge with us. This makes the diversity of sports even greater.”

Frank adds: “We’re developing a new sports park, which will also hope to include the primary school. By increasing the range of sports, the number of volunteers also increases, which we as an association desperately need. Fortunately, the social involvement we strive for is very high, which makes HBSV a close-knit association. A good example is the ‘Monday morning group’. This is a group of former football players who perform maintenance around the fields at the sports park. They also take care of the flower boxes in the village and clean up litter. This way, we contribute to the entire community.” 

“The partnership between HBSV and Seacon Logistics has been around for a long time”, says Gé. “From 2007, we went from ‘friend of’ to shared main sponsorship. As a company, we want to be socially involved in our region. The owner and founder of Seacon, Hai Berden, was born and raised in Hout-Blerick. Many of our employees are members of this wonderful association. That has shaped the step to main sponsor and successful partnership. In the past, I was active as chairman of the anniversary committee, nowadays, you’ll often find me there as a representative of Seacon, for example, during sponsor meetings.” 

“Social involvement, passion and sport are of paramount importance to both Seacon and HBSV. That’s what makes our partnership successful”, Anita adds. “We like to participate in the organised sponsor evenings, but we also complement each other nicely. Last year, for example, we jointly set up a recruitment campaign for holiday workers. We also work together on activities for a fit and healthy mindset. This is perfectly in line with the values of Seacon Blue. The sport, the people and the mutual involvement form a nice connection between both parties.” 

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