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As a company, we have become successful through the engagement of people in our environment, which is why we want to give something back to our society. On our Seacon Blue page, we share stories of some of our great partnerships. We spoke to: Hai Berden, owner and founder of Seacon Logistics and Rico Gielen, Sales & Marketing Manager at Seacon Logistics.

“Because the gouaches are made especially for us, the calendars are already collector’s items.”

Hai Berden Owner and founder


Since 2009, our tradition has been to publish a Seacon Logistics calendar in collaboration with artist Guus van Eck. “The man who paints everything askew,” they sometimes call him. His characteristic work forms the basis for the pages of the calendar. He starts with interesting visual material or sketches of special locations. Then goes to his studio in Sicily to work it out into colourful gouaches (a painting made with opaque watercolour in which the ground is no longer visible). 

“We’ve been working with Guus van Eck for our annual Seacon Logistics calendar since 2009,” says Hai. “It’s mostly related to our background as the leading logistical supply chain coordinator with a maritime focus. In recent years, we had themes like world cities, other cultures, travelling by sea, rail or air, history and current events. Because the gouaches are made especially for us, the calendars are already collector’s items.”


In the past year, everyone was thrown back into their own world. It made the little things in life more important and more appreciated. A welcome gift in a time where we have to do without personal contact and where meetings are mainly held online. Artist Guus van Eck took this as the source of inspiration for the brand new Seacon Logistics calendar. ‘Little joys of life’ looks back tenderly at our lives online, and the small moments of happiness. 

The artist explains: “It was fascinating to see how we were able to experience and enjoy the little things around us again with the same intensity as when we were children. This perfectly matches my experience of being an artist. As adults, we must take care not to lose the open-mindedness with which a child looks at the world. Dreaming, loafing about, fantasising, doing something aimlessly for no reason these are the sources of a happy time.”

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“For the 2021 calendar year, we had the theme ‘35 years of Seacon Logistics’ in mind, but 2020 and the coronavirus crisis was a complete wake-up call for everyone. Because of this, we changed the calendar plans and with the new calendar we look back on a remarkable and turbulent 2020. With this calendar, we particularly want to put the healthcare staff in the limelight and thank them for being there for patients under hectic conditions day and night and making it more bearable for everyone. We also thank everyone who helped to find a solution to the situation created by Covid-19. You can actually see the new calendar as an ode to healthcare.”

“This year we did an extra print run for the healthcare staff in the region,” Rico adds. "This year, the first copy of the calendar was presented to Antoin Scholten, Mayor of Venlo and Chairperson of the Limburg-Noord Safety Region. This was done in the digital presence of Guus van Eck, Noor Bouwmeester (Head of Infectious Diseases, GGD Limburg-Noord) and the Venlo historian Sef Derkx, who gave a fitting explanation from a historical perspective.”

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The calendar presentation was broadcast by Omroep Venlo.

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