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As a company, we have become successful through the engagement of people in our environment, which is why we want to give something back to our society. On our Seacon Blue page, we share stories of some of our great partnerships. We spoke to: Gilbert Idink (Chairperson of Show Orchestra Harmony Fortissimo), Rico Gielen (Manager Marketing at Seacon Logistics) and Anita Keunen (Sales and Marketing Assistant at Seacon Logistics). 

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“Seacon is a highly committed partner who is always happy to think along. The music, the people and their involvement are the cultural connection between Fortissimo and Seacon.”

Gilbert Idink Chairperson


"The origin of Show Orchestra Harmony Fortissimo lies in the Ven, a neighbourhood community located outside the former Venlo city wall", Gilbert starts his narrative. "This location eventually developed into a district in its own right of the city of Venlo. A group of people playing the recorder, and later a percussion and flute corps, were in fact the predecessors of Fortissimo as we know it today. We were officially founded in 1955. Since we originated in a neighbourhood community, we have always wanted to distinguish ourselves from other music societies in a creative manner. We do this by entertaining our audience in a special way: with more than musical sounds alone." 

"At the moment, our family association consists of 150 members, young and old (aged between 6 to 80 years). We pay much attention to training as a musician. Members start off with general musical design and then move on to follow-up groups like the ensemble and the large concert band. Percussionists start out in a percussion group that fulfils the needs of young musicians in a unique manner. We organise a variety of major concerts, of which the 'Vastelaoveskônzerte' (Shrove Tuesday concerts) are the best known." 

Anita adds: "I've attended several concerts, and what they put on the stage there is really incredible! The collaboration with various Vastelaoves (Shrove Tuesday) associations and regional singers creates dazzling shows that are fascinating from start to finish. The summer concerts in the Doolhof in Tegelen and the well-known 'Sinterklaosspektakel' (Saint Nicholas Spectacle) in the Maaspoort in Venlo are also among the highlights of the performances. Thanks to our collaboration, a number of tickets for the popular concerts will be made available to employees of Seacon Logistics, so that they can enjoy the musical show together with their family." 

"Seacon has been a sponsor for decades, and in fact the main sponsor of Fortissimo since 2018," says Rico. "Seacon attaches great importance to corporate social responsibility and we like to connect with society, including in the cultural field in our own region. We encourage our employees to get actively involved in or within an association. This is how our partnership came about: Gilbert works at Seacon, which ensures a perfect connection between company and association. In 2019, he even took on the position of chairperson of Fortissimo." Gilbert adds: "Seacon is a highly committed partner who is always happy to think along. The music, the people and their involvement are the cultural connection between Fortissimo and Seacon." 

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