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As a company, we have become successful through the engagement of people in our environment, which is why we want to give something back to our society as a partner. On our Seacon Blue page, we share stories of some of our great partnerships. We spoke to Daisy Longden, Communications Coordinator at the Black Jaguar Foundation and Frank Hermans, Chief Sales Officer at Seacon Logistics.

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"We're always keen to work with companies that share our passion for sustainability, so this collaboration is a win-win situation."

Daisy Longden Communications Coordinator


"The Black Jaguar Foundation was founded in 2009 with the initial goal of making a unique documentary about the black jaguar in the wild. But what we found was a drastically deforested Amazon," Daisy says. "We adjusted our mission accordingly, and today we're committed to restoring the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor in Brazil. The corridor consists of two of the world's most vital ecosystems: the Amazon rainforest and the Cerrado savanna. We’ll be planting a total of 1.7 billion native trees, to restore the balance between nature and mankind as much as possible and to improve the lives of all future generations on our planet."

"We review the Black Jaguar Foundation's objectives on a regular basis. In 2019-2020, a group of international scientists conducted an impact study that examined all the benefits of greening the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor, locally and for the planet as a whole. In doing so, we also contribute to the knowledge base surrounding large-scale nature and environmental restoration. Our aim is to complete the project in 2040, by which time 1 million hectares of nature will have been restored."

"We came into contact with Seacon Logistics in 2018 via one of our existing sponsors. Seacon wanted to give back to society through the Seacon Blue initiative, and they were very interested in how they could increase sustainability even further within their organisation. Seacon is focused on the three pillars of corporate social responsibility: people, planet and prosperity. Their sponsorship is just one way that they're contributing to a more sustainable future. We're always keen to work with companies that share our passion for sustainability, so this collaboration is a win-win situation," Daisy says. 

"Seacon Logistics recognises the importance of the Black Jaguar Foundation," says Frank. "We've learned that the environment is even more important than people realise, so we are eager to contribute to national and international social initiatives and good causes. Via our multimodal transport concept, we're moving towards limiting CO₂ emissions and placing less pressure on the environment. We also make use of our position as the logistics chain director to initiate change in our sector. More and more, this is our guiding principle for the application of new technologies and the creation of smart and effective solutions.” 

Corné Geerts was CEO of Seacon Logistics from 2010 to 2019. Our current CEO is Sylvester van de Logt.

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