Storage of your goods is an essential part of the logistics chain. Seacon has more than 200,000 m2 of warehouse capacity. These are centrally-located, advanced warehouses, equipped with modern technologies. In addition, our warehouse locations are always in a logistics hotspot, at a multimodal terminal. That is the only way we can make the route that your goods travel, before and after storage, as efficient as possible.


Our warehouses are found at locations that can be supplied within 24 hours from the most important European consumer concentrations. We offer advanced dedicated or public warehouse facilities, whereby storage of goods under customs control is possible. All our warehouses fulfil the most modern requirements in the field of security and AEO and can be arranged flexibly.

Value Added Services, warehouse, warehousing
Value Added Services
Value Added Services

Value Added Services 

Seacon offers a very extensive range of value-added services for the storage of your goods, so you can improve your inventory management and optimise your workflow. Consider, for example, goods receipt, AEO-certified customs services, quality controls, stock management, fulfilling orders and making products customer-specific. Our modern order handling systems ensure smooth processing of your goods in storage.

Seasonal influences, fast growing and cyclically sensitive markets: your organisation is always on the move. For those who want to focus on cost control and quality, the flexible deployment of the right people and equipment is crucial. Seacon has its own flexible work pool. We use this well-trained, certified, flexible work pool in the places where they are most valuable to you.


The field of E-commerce is developing at a very fast pace. Overview, speed and ease of use are keywords which we understand that better than anyone else. Seacon Logistics has earned its spurs in the e-fulfilment world and knows the characteristics of each individual volume. We provide pick-and-pack operations for various clients at various locations throughout Europe. 

Our main activities are:

  • Worldwide import and export of goods
  • Settlement of customs activities 
  • Warehouse, VAL, and Pick-pack-ship activities
  • Carrier management and parcel shipments
E-fullfilment, warehouse, warehousing



We at Seacon Logistics are very happy with our clients, which is why we're keen to share some stories of great collaborations. Here we talk to Irene Poos, Director Supply Chain Services Europe at Amway Supply Chain Services. 

Amway sells products in the home, personal care, beauty and nutrition fields, based on a multi-level marketing concept. There are some 300,000 to 350,000 Amway Business Owners in Europe, spread across almost 30 countries. There are around 100,000 active in Russia. These Business Owners sell Amway's products through their own networks.  

Read more about our smart solutions for Amway.

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