European distribution

Seacon Logistics is the logistics chain director for your goods distribution to and from the whole of Europe. We operate from a foundation based on locations at strategic inland terminals. Good logistical planning and co-ordination is indispensable to our work, as is a fast and effective transport service. Thanks to our many years of experience, we're able to select the right (intermodal) transport solution, managing your shipment from the very start right to your customer's door.

Reliable, service-oriented and flexible

Your goods are delivered by our reliable transport service, using our own scheduled services, and delivered by dedicated drivers where possible. Our drivers guarantee the highest quality, and they're familiar with the local language, culture, customs, and regulations. We use short lines of communication to keep track of your shipment's progress, so we're always on top of the current situation and can take fast and flexible action, for example if changes need to be made to a shipment or when a new logistics solution is required. 

We transport your goods to destinations such as England, Ireland, Scandinavia, Central and Eastern Europe, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Italy and Portugal. With multiple daily departures, we offer you the ultimate in flexibility. 

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Advantages of European distribution 

To enable the optimal loading and unloading of goods, we take into account the product itself, the unloading order, the weight, and the packaging dimensions. We bring large volumes together into one shipment, enabling us to negotiate the most effective solution for you. We transport a wide range of products including FMCG and goods for the construction, paper, automotive, pharma, nutrition and food industries. Our working method provides a range of advantages: 

  • Accurate delivery
  • Flexible
  • Safe and reliable method of transport
  • Combinable with other transport solutions

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Advising, organising, and taking worries off your hands 

At Seacon we think in terms of possibilities, enabling us to offer you the best service each and every day. We see every shipment as unique. We work with you to determine the modality that's the best fit with your logistics needs, and proactively think along with you to find ways to structurally reduce costs in the supply chain. Our extensive knowledge and experience means we know exactly how to import and export your goods safely and without damage, which modalities are the best choice, and how to get partial shipments to their destination as quickly as possible. Our strength lies in providing good advice, organising, and taking worries off your hands. In addition, we ensure that you always have insight into the dates and status of your shipment. Seacon goes just that little bit further.

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