Data, data, and more data

The area of transport and logistics is undergoing a whole range of changes, from new technologies to higher customer expectations. It’s difficult to guess how things will look in ten years’ time. What we can do, however, is prepare ourselves properly for the future, so that we can lay a new foundation for an innovative and sustainable Seacon Logistics.

Maximise productivity
My colleague Manon has already written about how we’re making Seacon future-proof with the Seanovation project. We’re currently working on re-implementing our ERP system, with the aim of maximising productivity, controlling costs, and further increasing our customer focus. Administrative, financial, commercial, and logistical processes are being merged into a single system which will be used by every Seacon branch in the Netherlands and Germany. This both saves time and ensures a structured organisation with higher quality standards. 

What does this process look like?
As Seanovation Project Manager, I’m leading the process and working on redesigning operational processes three days a week. In 2020, we started re-implementing the transport departments. All transport departments have now been merged into a single 'Continental Transport' department, which is already operating according to the new system. Working together more internally allows us to operate as a single team and promotes synergy. It also gives us more control on our business processes, and puts us in a position to provide even better customer service. We’re tackling each department one by one, in order to build a renewed Seacon Logistics efficiently and one step at a time.

Data is very important for a modern logistics chain director such as Seacon. When the Seanovation project is fully completed (anticipated in 2022-2023), we’ll be able to extract more data from our revamped ERP system, and provide management and our customers with even more reliable and relevant insights. By using all the data obtained from customs, shipping companies, transport organisations and banks, we can direct and improve the chain effectively and efficiently. Customers will be able to view their logistics processes in their own portal, including CO2 reports, invoices, or the location of a shipment, which means a significant step forward in customer service. 

Seacon’s strengths will therefore be reflected even better in every layer of the business, from engagement, short lines, and clear communications to rapid decision-making. This is how we’re working together to create a win-win-win situation for Seacon, its customers, and partners. 

28 October 2021

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