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On this page we give you an overview of developments in shortsea and continental transport  that have a major impact on sustainability, transport costs and the efficiency in the supply chain. There is a reduced rate for Euro 6 or higher trucks.

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Toll rates

Started July 1st, 2023, new tariffs are in effect for Flanders, Brussels, and Wallonia. Refer to the image for the updated rates.

Similarly, as of July 1st, 2023, new toll rates were implemented in Bulgaria, with an approximate 50% increase. Euro 6 trucks on highways will enjoy the lowest road tax, equivalent to Enhanced Environmentally friendly vehicles (EEVs), resulting in a rate of 0.35 BGN / km.

Germany - LKW-Maut:
As part of the Climate Protection Modernization Package (Klimaschutzprogramm 2030), the German government has announced significant changes to LKW-Maut effective from December, 2023, aimed at reducing carbon emissions and promoting long-term sustainability. A brief summary of the measurements:

  1. CO2 Surcharges: there is a CO2 surcharge of 200 EUR per ton of CO2 emitted by commercial vehicles, resulting in an additional approximately 0.16 EUR/km.
  2. Maut rates will increase significantly from 0.19 EUR/km to 0.35 EUR/km.
  3. Expansion of Maut: Commercial vehicles weighing over 3.5 tons will also be subject to LKW-Maut.
  4. Euro 6 trucks will be charged the same rate as LNG / CNG vehicles starting in 2024. Our sustainable fleet exclusively comprises Euro 6 trucks or higher.
  5. Future changes: By 2025, a virtual infrastructure network for battery-electric and hydrogen trucks will be established, along with charging infrastructure and hydrogen refueling infrastructure for heavy trucks. Additionally, rail freight transport must reach a market share of 25% by 2025, with efforts underway to strengthen, modernize, and digitize the railway.

Started October 1st, 2023, Hungary introduced new toll rates, leading to a substantial increase of 30-50%, depending on the type of road, vehicle, and route.

United Kingdom:
As from August 1st, 2023, a revised HGV levy applies to HGVs weighing over 12,000 kg on motorways or 'A' roads in the UK. It's important to note that this levy must be paid upfront before driving in the UK. The exact levy amount depends on the vehicle’s weight, Euro emission class, and the duration of stay in the UK.


Various levies

Shortsea connections - ETS:

Due to the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) policy, all companies with vessels operating in the EU/EAA must pay an annual emission allowance. The new legislation will include 100% of emissions for voyages within the EU to support the EU’s climate change goals. Shipping companies will request a 40% emission purchase allowance in 2024, 70% in 2025, and 100% in 2026 to facilitate a smooth transition. Starting January 1st, 2024, there will be a standalone surcharge. The precise financial impact remains uncertain.


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