Guus van Eck kalender 2022

Traditionsgetreu bringen wir seit 2009 einen besonderen Seacon Logistics-Kalender in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Kunstmaler Guus van Eck heraus. 

Jeden Monat enthüllen wir eine besondere Gouache aus dem Kalender. Entdecken Sie diese unten.

Januar-Kalender 2022 Guus van Eck | Seacon Blue | Seacon Logistics


Tiles of wisdom
‘A smile is happiness right under your nose’, ‘Home sweet home’, don’t the Dutch just love their little tiles of wisdom?
Happiness is of all times - it is the meaning and the purpose of life, as Aristotle said back in 350 B.C.

Februar-Kalender 2022 Guus van Eck | Seacon Blue | Seacon Logistics


Happy driving
I feel happy when I’m driving my cabriolet through the endless landscape, humming along with Vivaldi.
I can hear the birds and feel the breeze. Let’s find a nice little restaurant!

März-Kalender 2022 Guus van Eck | Seacon Blue | Seacon Logistics


High Line NY
The High Line in New York is a long-stretched, elevated city park built on the West Side Line route, a historic freight rail line in Manhattan. Dutch garden architect Piet Oudolf designed the park. Quality and vision bring happiness to our society.

April-Kalender 2022 Guus van Eck | Seacon Blue | Seacon Logistics


In the clouds
Doing nothing and staring at the clouds, lying in the green grass with my feet up. I see a cloud that looks like a rabbit, the wind turns it into a castle. A sunset and a rainbow at the same time. For a moment, I just feel.......

Mai-Kalender 2022 Guus van Eck | Seacon Blue | Seacon Logistics


Red moon
Enjoying a fish dinner with friends. The red moon rises from the sea, I want to keep this moment to myself.

Juni-Kalender 2022 Guus van Eck | Seacon Blue | Seacon Logistics


It is wonderful to feel like a child again, to swing higher and higher, endlessly, without any goals. The happiness of eating cherries that you picked yourself until your stomach aches.

Juli-Kalender 2022 Guus van Eck | Seacon Blue | Seacon Logistics


Ant world
In these busy times, I create my own happiness by following a trail of ants. I loved to do so as a child, and still do. It is a world of its own, with its own rules. Do ants have worries too? Do they also seek happiness?

Augustkalender 2022 Guus van Eck | Seacon Blue | Seacon Logistics


Cat videos are by far the most popular on the internet. Cats are cute and sweet and make you feel happy. In Britain, black cats are said to bring good luck, but in Europe they are said to bring bad luck, especially on Friday the 13th. I’m glad to know my cat’s from London...



The most beautiful square in Italy, maybe in the world, even. Remember when we enjoyed our ice cream in the shade? So many scoops of happiness! Sometimes it’s just difficult to choose between the great joys and the little joys in life.



The Eiffel Tower - 317 metres - after 1665 stairs I’ve finally reached the top! Satisfaction and breathtaking views are my reward. Pure happiness in the City of Love.



Amsterdam allotments
Sowing and harvesting the vegetables and flowers from your own allotment is a recurring source of happiness. And enjoying a cup of coffee with your neighbour after a hard day’s work, of course.



As an artist, it is interesting to paint the coolness of the outside world and the warmth of the inside world. The vastness of the urban landscape and the intimacy of homely happiness. Best wishes for 2023....

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