Guus van Eck kalender 2024

Sinds 2009 brengen we traditiegetrouw een Seacon Logistics kalender uit in samenwerking met kunstenaar Guus van Eck.  

Iedere maand onthullen we een bijzonder schilderij (gouache) van de 2024 kalender. Ontdek ze hieronder. 



USA, Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
The Meuse originates iThe Golden Gate Bridge is an all-steel suspension bridge spanning the Golden Gate Strait, where San Francisco Bay opens into the Pacific Ocean. 
Opened in 1937, this iconic bridge has a main span of 1,280 metres and a total length of 2,736 metres. With its bright ‘International Orange’ colour, it is an absolute landmark for San Francisco.



Japan, Esmina Ohashi bridge 
Due to its particularly steep gradients, this bridge over Lake Nakaumi is sometimes called the ‘scariest’ bridge in the world. The roller coaster effect occurs mainly when driving straight towards the bridge. Don’t worry: there are no actual loops in the track…



Vietnam, Golden bridge, Da Nang 
Opened in 2018, this footbridge in the Ba Na Hills resort connects the hilltop cable station to the lush green gardens. The hands symbolise the hands of God. A real must-see tourist attraction.



Türkye, Galata Bridge, Istanbul
The Galata Bridge over the Golden Horn estuary connects the Eminonu and Galata districts. The bridge has two decks and a length of 466 metres. The lower deck is home to many fish restaurants. On the upper deck, you can find many fishermen catching fish with their extra-long rods. 



Portugal, Ponte Dom Louis I, Porto
This iconic iron arch bridge over the River Douro has two decks. The upper deck features the metro track and a pedestrian walkway, with great views over the city and the river. The lower deck is for cars. The bridge was built in the 1880s and named after the king at that time: Dom Luis I. 



India, Cherrapunji, East Khasi Hills
Residents have grown Indian rubber trees in such a way that their roots and lianas form living bridges. The area is one of the most humid places in the world. 



China, Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge
Zhangjiajie National Forest Park has a stunningly beautiful landscape with thousands of limestone mountain peaks. The bridge is a major tourist attraction because of its location and its glass floor, which allows you to look down into the canyon, 300 metres below. 



Germany, Göltzschdal Bridge
This railway bridge is the largest brick-built bridge in the world. It was built in 1846 and is part of the railway line between Saxony and Bavaria. Some twenty brickyards fired up to 50,000 bricks a day to produce the required 26,021,000 bricks. The bridge was officially opened on 15 July 1851. 



Italy, Ponte di Rialto, Venice
Ponte de Rialto spans the Grand Canal, Venice's lifeline. It was built in 1588. Its longest span is 29 metres, its height 7.32 metres. So many tourists are crossing the bridge that it often seems they are standing still.



Spain, Puente Nuevo, Ronda
Puente Nuevo is one of Andalusia's attractions. This stone bridge spans a 100-metre-deep gorge called El Tajo, which splits the city of Ronda in two. Completed in 1793, it took 34 years to build.



England, Tower Bridge, London
Spanning the River Thames, Tower Bridge is a famous icon located in the heart of London, next to the historic fortress and palace. At the time of opening in 1894, the double-leaf bascule mechanism to allow ships through was a revolutionary technology. It is still in use today. 



Netherlands, Maasbrug Venlo/Blerick
There may have been a bridge across the river Maas between Blerick (Blariacum) and Venlo since Roman times. 1865 Saw the first railway connection across the Meuse. Today, in 2024, these connections are still the basis for the region's stormy development as an international trade and logistics hub.   4 Ronins (warriors) by Japanese sculptor Shinkichi Tajiri have been guarding the Maas bridge since 2017.

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