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At Seacon Logistics, we are very happy with our clients. To emphasise that, we like to share stories of interesting partnerships with you. Explaining her experiences is: Daniela Menapace, Managing Director at Vinissimo B.V.

Vinissimo is a wine trader. Since 1998 the focus of the company has been on importing and selling high quality, exclusively Italian wines to the hospitality sector, businesses and private buyers in the Netherlands. Daniela, who was born in Italy, brings the iconic feeling of la dolce vita by supplying wines with a soul. Not only in the form of bottles with a deep indentation - also called a 'punt’ -at the bottom, but also through her passion for giving her customers that little bit more.

Vinissimo aspires to bring joy to people's lives with authentic and genuine Italian products. As well as selling Italian wines, Vinissimo also sells a range of olive oil and balsamic vinegars. So that customers can enjoy the sweet life to the full, just as they do in Italy. Vinissimo represents the true essence of ‘Made in Italy’.

Logistics project: Vinissimo | Seacon Logistics

“The relationship between Seacon and Vinissimo is more like a reliable partnership than a standard business relationship.”

Daniela Menapace Managing Director


“Seacon Logistics has transported our wines from Italy since Vinissimo was founded in 1998," Daniela starts her story. “Down the years we have built up an excellent, close personal relationship with Seacon. Of course, many of our contacts at Seacon have come and gone over time, but they all offer the same service-oriented focus. Building a friendly relationship with our suppliers, customers and carriers is extremely important. It creates the feeling of a family bond and makes our work even more enjoyable." 

“Seacon transports the wines directly from our suppliers in Italy to the Netherlands. They take care of the entire logistics process for us," Daniela continues. “A very welcome aspect of our cooperation is their flexible and service-focussed response to our logistics issues. Even if we need to have something arranged last minute, it's no problem at all for Seacon. They really are willing to go the extra mile for their clients. Which is precisely what we do for our customers too."

“Seacon has acquired a lot of knowledge of our products since 1998. They ensure that the road transport runs as efficient as possible and they know exactly how to import our products to the Netherlands undamaged and accurately. And the transit time by road is really short, it's amazing."

“We use the services of Seacon, and they sometimes use our services. For example, our fine wines are often given as gifts to business contacts or at Christmas. That's a great form of synergy and a good example of our committed cooperation. I consider our relationship to be a reliable partnership rather than a standard business relationship. We can rely on each other, and that's something I want to carry forward."

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