At Seacon Logistics, we are very happy with our clients, which is why we're keen to share stories of great collaborations. We spoke to: Tarkan Karabag, CEO at SWISS ONE MEDICAL AG. 

SWISS ONE MEDICAL is a Swiss company that produces premium protective and medical equipment and supplies it to government authorities, medical institutions, and selected wholesalers around the world. They provide protection against infections and help prevent disease to address health issues around the globe. The company also develops innovative biotechnologies and pharmaceutical technologies. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the company developed special all-in-one rapid antigen tests with a unique digital keycode. With this innovation, test results can be managed digitally, and users receive automatically generated test certificates. It is a valuable step forward, both for the current situation and possible future pandemics. 

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“Seacon is an honest, serious company that really excels in terms of its personal service, knowledge and experience.”



“The COVID-19 pandemic was something none of us had ever experienced before in our lives,” Tarkan begins. “In just a few weeks, entire supply chains that had been operational for years were turned upside down. Our target group relies on a company that can create quick solutions and deliver the most relevant products. We want to respond to this as an organisation, and we’re always looking for partners who can support us. Seacon Logistics is one of these partners.”

“The partnership with Seacon actually came about very spontaneously through a mutual connection. I was invited to Duisburg by Maik Brandel (Head of Sales & Overseas at Seacon Germany), and we immediately struck up a good relationship. Seacon is an honest, serious company that really excels in terms of its personal service, knowledge, and experience. They put their hearts and souls into their work to make sure customers are offered appropriate logistical solutions. The click between us as well as the service level were the decisive factors for us to start working together.” 

“Medical products need to be handled very carefully,” says Tarkan. “We were having some problems with another logistics company at the time. Seacon helped us make sure the transition was smooth and independent and solved our problems, which quickly enabled us to start supplying our customers again. They take care of our logistics from Asia to Duisburg, and we also use their warehouse and associated customs depot. That saves us costs, and we only have to pay import duties at the moment our products are transported.” 

“I’m really enjoying our partnership with Seacon. It is a proactive company that quickly springs into action if any logistical issues arise. This is a very valuable addition to our operations. We’ve built up a great partnership over the past few years. Depending on our company’s growth in the near future, this cooperation will also be extended further. I’m interested to see what the future will bring!” 

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