Incoterms® whitepaper & infographic

The new ICC Incoterms® 2020 are here. They offer more clarity and certainty for doing business internationally. In practice it seems that there are still ambiguities about how the rules apply to issues such as insurance, payment plans and customs, for example.

As a global logistics chain director, Seacon Logistics uses Incoterms® a great deal. Although we are not involved in trade agreements between buyer and seller, prior to a deal we are regularly consulted about the risks and consequences of the various Incoterms®. In practice, it turns out that many companies still underestimate the risks.

We use our whitepaper to inform business owners, existing and new Seacon Logistics clients about the changes to Incoterms® and potential solutions that we're able to offer you. 

Would you like to see everything in a single clear overview, or share it with your colleagues? Then download the Seacon Logistics Incoterms® infographic.

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Incoterms 2020, whitepaper, infographic
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