synchromodal solutions

Seacon increasingly uses synchromodal solutions to transport goods both efficiently and sustainably. Synchromodal means multimodal transport, in which the modalities (such as inland vessels, sea freight and trains) are used flexibly and sustainably individually or in combination, based on the prevailing circumstances and your specific wishes. This system allows offers numerous benefits during transport, e.g. intercepting delays by switching to another modality at any time. Above all, we can reduce costs by properly coordinating the various means of transport and through smart combinations of shipments within the available transit time. 

Relieving the environmental burden 

Since the firm was established, Seacon has always placed great importance on corporate social responsibility. And we continuously invest in developing better, cleaner, faster and more reliable logistics techniques. 

When one considers the delays causes by increasing traffic on the roads and the rising costs of fuel and taxes, synchromodal transport solutions are certainly the way forward. By transporting goods by rail, barge and sea, and only using trucks as far as possible for short runs (to and from inland terminals, ports or railway stations), we relieve the environmental burden and limit CO2 emissions.


Tailor-made solutions

Synchromodality works optimally when all the people in the chain are continuously in contact with each other. As the logistics chain director, we work closely with a worldwide network of dedicated partners to efficiently manage your flow of goods, so that you don't have to worry about if and when to use which transport mode. We also like to proactively think things through with you, considering the structural changes we could apply to reduce costs, and how we can unburden. At Seacon we always like to go the extra mile for our clients. 

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In addition to relieving the environmental burden, synchromodal transport offers several other advantages: 

  • An efficient, flexible and transparent logistics chain
  • Improved reliability
  • Cost reduction possibilities
  • Global network
  • Making transport more sustainable and reducing CO2 emissions

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