Southern Europe

Import and export to and from Southern European destinations, such as Spain, Portugal and Italy, is one of our areas of expertise. We transport goods to these countries on a daily basis, so we're very much at home in these regions. Our planners and drivers speak the language and are familiar with the country, customs, regulations and infrastructure, meaning that your goods arrive at their final destination quickly and without problems. 

We advise you of your options for water, road, air or rail transport – or a combination of these – according to your needs regarding delivery time and destination. Our total solutions mean that we can take your worries completely off your hands, so there's no need to think about things like transporting customs documents, the departure times, or your mixed cargo. 

Distribution to Spain and Portugal  

Would you like to import or export goods to Spain or Portugal? Or perhaps to neighbouring countries like Morocco and Algeria? Seacon knows the Spanish and Portuguese markets like no one else. We have an extensive distribution network covering the whole of Spain, Portugal, and surrounding areas. We work with local agents who have goods depots throughout the country, enabling us to deliver your part or full shipments to any location, whatever their size. And we do that safely, on time, and as agreed. 

We also maintain contact with local factories. These give us timely notification of the status of your shipments, meaning that we can schedule your transport for just the right time. We also ensure that trucks are loaded in the most efficient way possible, thanks to optimal import and export co-ordination and by employing smart loading. 

Southern Europe, European Distribution, Fowarding & Transport, Spain, Portugal
Southern Europe, European Distribution, Fowarding & Transport, Italy

Distribution to Italy  

To enable the optimal loading and unloading of goods, we take into account the product itself, the unloading order, the weight, and the packaging dimensions. We bring large volumes together into one shipment, enabling us to negotiate the most effective solution for you. We transport a wide range of products including FMCG and goods for the construction, paper, automotive, pharma, nutrition and food industries. Our working method provides a range of advantages: 

  • Accurate delivery
  • Flexible
  • Safe and reliable method of transport
  • Combinable with other transport solutions

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