Transport to and from Eastern Europe

The economy in Eastern Europe has shown strong development and growth in recent years. And, thanks to the relatively short transit time, Eastern Europe offers interesting prospects for your business. Specific logistic demands apply to international road transport. Luckily, we at Seacon have all the necessary expertise. As a logistics chain director, we specialise in importing from and exporting to the Eastern European market. Together with our extensive network of partners and using our branches worldwide, we can transport your goods to and from destinations such as Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and the Czech Republic. 

Tailor-made solutions

Do you import or export goods from or to Eastern Europe? At Seacon, we are not satisfied with simply standard solutions. Our drive is helping you to find the most suitable solution for your shipment. Our solutions take into account every aspect regarding the transport movement, including customs formalities and any warehousing. 


Expert customs department

Our own customs department with specialist knowledge of customs and tax processes can arrange the following: official permits, customs clearance of imports or exports, certificates and authorisations. Our specialists also supervise the transport from start to finish. Need to send your shipment under supervision or store your goods in customs warehousing? We can also arrange that on your behalf. No matter what your shipment is, we ensure it is collected on time and arrives at its destination, anywhere in the world. 

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Own location in Hungary 

Seacon Logistics is the best logistics chain director to coordinate and optimise your worldwide logistics chain. To facilitate this, we have several locations in Europe, including one in Budapest, from where we coordinate your supply chain to perfection every day. This branch offers all the facilities necessary for smooth handling of your imports and exports. And, in many countries, our teams speak the relevant language, for frictionless communication regarding legislation and regulations so that your shipments can be delivered quickly to any location in Eastern Europe. 


Seacon gives you peace of mind

Seacon Logistics offers tailor-made solutions for transport to and from Eastern Europe. We take care of all the details on your behalf, from acceptance of the assignment right up to unloading the shipment at the destination, including customs formalities and any warehousing. Our working method provides a range of advantages:

  • A single point of contact for the transport needs of your entire supply chain anywhere in the world
  • Punctual transit times
  • Handled by our own customs department
  • Own location in Budapest
  • Combinable with other transport solutions

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