Seacon has its own Customs Department with specialist knowledge of customs and tax processes. We are AEO-certified in the field of customs. This means that we have a full permit for minimising any obstacles in the transport of your goods. In fact, our cooperation with customs is so good that they often regard us as a so-called preferred supplier. That is something we are very proud of!

Due to our status of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) and our Extended Gate status, we fulfil the strict requirements set by European and International Customs to use simplified customs facilities. But this knowledge means that, at intercontinental level, we can efficiently manage the entire logistics chain and keep costs as low as possible. We advise our customers on the rules and legislation applicable to the logistics process. We also provide support for customers who want to settle in the Netherlands and have questions about customs.


Tax matters

We can act as a tax representative for clients established in other member states, so they can fulfil their tax liabilities in the Netherlands. We use the VAT transfer scheme for this. This creates liquidity and financing benefits and we can also offer you our warehouse services. After customs clearance, the goods can be traded freely within the EU.

Customs import documentation

If you import goods from countries outside the European Union, we offer full support for the payment of taxes and import duties to customs in the Netherlands. Seacon also effectively takes care of the other formalities such as submitting documents and, where necessary, keeping the goods available for checks.

Customs export documentation

If you export goods to countries outside the European Union, we support you with the preparation of the correct documentation and obtaining the correct certificates. We ensure that transport runs as efficiently as possible and that no unnecessary import duties and taxes are paid.

Customs transport documents NCTS

We can undertake the obtaining and processing of the correct transit documents for you, such as the T1 and T2 documents, which are necessary for the rapid handling of goods under customs control within the European Union.

Certificates and legalisation

Seacon provides the right documents for you, such as Eur.1 certificates, Certificates of Origin (CoO), ATR documents and phytosanitary certificates, so that you can export to your destination market without any problem.


Our Compliance Desk is indispensable for the complete and correct transport of your goods to home or abroad. We apply the express policy of fully complying with all guidelines of the applicable export control and sanction laws of the United Nations, the European Union and the United States, including (financial) trade restrictions.

Our Compliance Desk validates the origin, destination, sender, recipient and each party in between, establishing, for example, whether they are authorised or blacklisted. We take care of everything to ensure that the transport proceeds according to the applicable regulations. We work closely with our Customs Department to ensure that we leave nothing to chance.




Seacon Logistics really values its customers. That is why we would like to share some stories of great teamwork with you. Huub Linders, COO at ABC Restaurants has the floor.  

The ABC formula has been applied in the Netherlands for about 20 years, and in its current form for the last ten years. At present, ABC has two branches in the Netherlands (Velp and Sevenum) and two branches the Middle East (Erbil and Sulaymaniyah). The restaurant formula expands actively both nationally and internationally.  

Read more about ABC Restaurants’ logistical challenges. 

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