UK Global Tariff

The UK government published the UK Global Tariff in May 2020, a list of import tariffs that the UK will levy from 1 January 2021. Because the Brexit transition period will not be extended - the UK and the EU would have had to agree on the extension before 1 July 2020 - the UK Global Tariff will replace the EU Common External Tariff as of 1 January 2021. 

You can see all item-specific rates here, where you can perform searches search based on the commodity code or product description. For each item, it shows the information on what the current Common External Tariff is, what the UK Global Tariff will be as of 1 January 2021 and the extent of the change is (no change, simplified, currency conversion or liberalized). 

Are you entering the correct commodity codes or product descriptions? A detail such as this can even make the difference between success or failure in international business. As logistics chain director, we can advise you on this and use our knowledge and experience to prepare you for all the actual and possible consequences that Brexit will entail. We are closely monitoring the current situation and will inform you about new developments.  

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  • Sales tax


  • EUR.1
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Statement of Origin


  • Mapping goods flows
  • Bottleneck analysis
  • Buffer stock: in-house or outsourced
  • Pre-register in Portbase

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