Linked by Rail consortium gives impetus to rail freight transport on the corridor the Netherlands – Poland

VENLO – In recent years, well-known Dutch and Polish transport and logistics companies, including Seacon Logistics, have joined forces in the Linked by Rail project. After a successful collaboration of eight years, this project was festively concluded in February 2020. Linked By Rail's main goal was to develop new intermodal transport solutions between the Netherlands and Poland and vice versa. 

In the Linked by Rail consortium, rail carriers, logistics operators and transport companies worked together with the government to establish rail connections between the Netherlands and Poland and improve the quality of services between the two countries. Linked by Rail most certainly contributed to a fourfold increase of direct rail connections between the two countries, from five to around twenty departures per week. 

Setting up this intermodal line offers several advantages over road transport. For example, easement of the burden on the environment, reduction of the CO2 emissions and the freight traffic. In this way, the project meets the objective of transferring as large an amount of goods as possible from road haulage to rail transport. It is said that Linked by Rail is leading the way in the European Green Deal. With this, the position of the Netherlands as an intermodal hub is strengthened. The rail connections could double further. 

Independent research agency Panteia coordinated Linked by Rail for eight years and also assisted the Dutch and Polish ministries in the elimination of any 'bottlenecks'. Intermodal training courses and missions were also organised. Other participants of Linked by Rail are Boekestijn Transport Service, Schavemaker, Nijman/Zeetank, Nijhof Wassink, Havenbedrijf Rotterdam, Raillogix, Eucon, GVT, Van den Bosch, PCC and KNV. 

The successful collaboration with Poland will be continued. At the same time, a new project is starting between the Netherlands and China, With the aim of promoting the Netherlands and the Dutch railway companies in China. Boosting the Netherlands as natural start and end point of the New Silk Road. 

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