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Food & Nutrition - Logistics services that bring new markets within reach

Seacon Logistics is your ideal logistical partner for agro, food & nutrition. The logistics involved in moving vegetable, fruit, meat and fish products, nutritional supplements and healthcare products (refrigerated, frozen or fresh) is subject to extremely strict requirements. Seacon Logistics meets those requirements, thanks to its long experience as a multimodal logistics service provider and global logistics chain director. Seacon has branches in all the key road, rail and waterway transport hubs in Europe. Seacon is active around the world and cooperates with more than 75 agents on six continents. These partnerships allow it to optimise its agro, food and nutrition flows on the European continent and worldwide. By grouping larger volumes and linking import and export flows, it can achieve major efficiency and cost advantages, increase capacity utilization, and optimize the use of reefer containers. Based on standard and customer-specific KPIs, Seacon monitors both the goods in transport and the goods flows in order to optimise its logistical operations.


Full service and systems

In addition to goods flows, Seacon also links information and money flows. That too means greater efficiency and lower costs.

  • Our in-house customs department is staffed by experts with specialist     knowledge of tax and customs procedures. That means we can clear customs in Europe regardless of time or location. We are also AEO-certified and therefore benefit from highly simplified declaration procedures.
  • Thanks to our own phytosanitary facilities and the Client System developed by the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA), we have more control over the necessary inspections.
  • Our many years of close cooperation with customs authorities worldwide ensure that goods flows are never delayed unnecessarily but can cross national borders quickly, reliably and securely.
  • Our intelligent order and monitoring systems and self-billing processes result in much lower transaction costs.


ReeferiumMore than 65% of all refrigerated transport is now by reefer container, and that percentage is increasing rapidly.

  • Seacon and its partners have the right infrastructure for reefer container transport, with a satisfactory number of reefer plugs at its European intermodal locations.
  • Inland reeferiums: Service centres for the loading and unloading, pre-trip inspection, cleaning and repair of reefer containers.
  • More efficiency and cost advantages: improved availability of reefer containers, less time spent waiting at terminals, and fewer empty reefers transported elsewhere for cleaning and repair.

Strategic partners and networks

003_09_SC_WEBBy working closely with selected partners, Seacon Logistics can deliver the very highest quality in agro, food & nutrition.

  • We are part of an extensive network of specialist transport companies.
  • Refrigerated and freezer warehousing is located close to all our locations. 
  • Seacon is an innovative company and maintains close ties with various     research facilities, for example Wageningen University and Research Center.
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